RHODOPING  is an album recorded in  Sinty Studio and released in 2008. In the album Svetlyo reinforces the power and the timeless spirit of the Rhodope music. The songs in the album come from all ends of this unique mountain — the oldest land on the Balkan Peninsula. The focus is on the Mixolydian songs from the southern Rhodope Mountains, the pride of the artist. As with   WILD STORIES, most of the songs are first sung here. Here again the central part is played by the incredible dvoyanka (in track № 8 it is compressed and the effect is astoundingly reminiscent to that of a 100 kaba gaidas) as well as the classical kaba-gaida. The album has an archaic sound which is in fact the sound of the old Rhodope songs from Xanthi and Komotini — the forgotten Bulgarian folk songs from the Aegean folklore area. Gaida and vocal – Svetlyo Zhilev.

  1. Girl, girl, little girl
  2. Oh Gane
  3. Does she make you, Ruske
  4. RGeorgi Saint George uprose early
  5. Oh Lichko (instrumental)
  6. My elder brother’s bride
  7. You, little girl
  8. You beautiful maiden III
  9. My old mother
  10. To thee I vow
  11. Is it a headache
  12. Slow melody and horo