Gaida Prayer

GAIDA PRAYER  – A compilation of instrumentals authored by Svetlyo. The album was released in 2013. It comprises pieces from all parts of Bulgaria. These are slow and fast horo dances, rachenitsa dances, slow melodies from Thrace, the Rhodope mountains, northern Bulgaria, Macedonia, the Strandzha mountains, the Shoppe region and Graovtsite etc.

All three Bulgarian bagpipes were used here — kaba, djura and dvoyanka, the latter been merited as a headliner, i.e. they close the CD with 2 smashing pieces from the Rhodope region. Gaida – Svetlyo Zhilev. Recorded in Sinty Sound studio.

  1. Bavna melodiya i Devendzhiysko horo (Slow melody and Devendzhi horo)
  2. Pravo horo (Pravo horo)
  3. Belopolska rachenitsa (Belopolska rachenitsa)
  4. Sitno Rusensko horo (Small step Ruse horo)
  5. Mezenska rachenitsa (Mezenska rachenitsa)
  6. Duklijsko horo (Duklijsko horo)
  7. Rodopska bavna melodiya i horo  (Slow Rhodope melody and horo)
  8. Goritse, goro zelena (Grove, you verdant grove)
  9. Oti mi se, momne le, navdigash (Why are you up, girl)
  10. Trigradska rachenitsa (Trigradska rachenitsa)
  11. Svirkine sviryat  (Whistles are playing)
  12. Oti mi plachesh, bubayko i horo(Why are you crying, Daddy and horo)
  13. Chereshka rod rodila (Cherry in bloom)