Marmoreal apparitions

MARMOREAL APPARITIONS album is a triumph of the double kaba-bagpipe. All performances in the album are based on the chorus. This is Svetlyo’s largest scale production with the richest sound and greatest number of guest musicians. It’s been recorded in Sinty Sound studio again, under the omnipresent leadership of maestro Nicky Krastilov. This album is a kind of sequel to The Three Bagpipes but much more complex and richer in sound as it has been recorded in 2006 and technologies were already quite advanced. The sound of the dvoyanka is so powerful and rich in overtones that in some of the pieces one has the feeling that not one but a number of kaba -gaidas have been playing. In combination with traditional musical instruments the former gives a truly incredible color to the songs and instrumental pieces, thus saturating the whole sound range. Apart from the dvoyanka, the other two types of Bulgarian bagpipes, the Kaba and the Jura, are present here too. Gaida, vocal and other instruments – Svetlyo.

  1. Oj, Stoyanitse (Oh, Stoyanitse)
  2. Neshto ke te pitam, babo (Can I ask you something, granny)
  3. Mitro le, Mitro (Mitro le, Mitro)
  4. Kazhi Yano (Tell me Yano)
  5. Makedonsko horo (Macedonian horo)
  6. Devoyko mari hubava (Young beautiful lady)
  7. Sino, lyo (Oh Son)
  8. Rofinka bolna legnala (Rofinka lay sick)
  9. Alakyoyska melodiya i horo (Alakyoy melody and horo)
  10. Concert za gaidi i orkestar (Concert for gaidas and orchestra)
  11. Variation on a theme I (bonus track)
  12. Variation on a theme II (bonus track)