The Three Bagpipes

THE THREE BAGPIPES is an album recorded in Sinty Sound Studio and released in 2003. Along with traditional Bulgarian folklore the album includes a number of pieces which are outright revolutionary for the time such as jazz, rock and roll, Celtic variations, etc. played on several types of Bulgarian bagpipes and other musical instruments. Back then no one could imagine that the Bulgarian bagpipe (called the gaida) would be capable of committing “trespass” in other musical genres. One can imagine the huge risk the author had taken with the album in times when the musical market was dominated by the chalga and other similarly kitsch genres. Time however proved that the risk was worth it. The album sounds up-to-date and the extremely difficult combination of bagpipes and a single vocal is considered state of art by many a fan of this ancient Bulgarian instrument. Pieces in the album are mainly Macedonian and Rhodope as the gaida is particularly popular in those geographical areas.

  1. Mila mi e maytcho (My sainted mother)
  2. Dafino, vino tsyrveno  (Daffino, you Red Wine)
  3. Bre yurutche  (Hey you, yuruk boy)
  4. Momne le, mari hubava (You beautiful maiden)
  5. Hubava moma (Pretty maiden)
  6. Ochi, chorni ochi (Eyes, black eyes)
  7. Petlite peyat na somnuvane  (Roosters are singing)
  8. Ne stoy Done (Don’t stand, Done) – instrumentals
  9. Selska syuita  (Country Suite)
  10. Ovcharska melodiya i horo (A Shepherd’s melody and horo)
  11. Variations on a theme
  12. Celtish Celtish
  13. Razdyrpan swing (Dishevelled swing)