Invitations for participation

You have the opportunity to engage the musician Svetlyo Zhilev for all sort of events – birthdays,weddings, private parties, festivals and more. Therefore it is necessary to contact the artist or a member of his team at least a week before to clarify the details of the program.

To be absolutely sure, an advance payment of 50% of the agreed fee it is necessary. This can be done by bank transfer or cash if the situation allows. If the event fails by the costumer’s fault the deposit it is not returned. If the musician does not attend the event by his fault, he will return the deposit plus 20% of the fee as compensation, in a way convenient for you.

The artist offers several types of attractions in its performances: 1. Performances of Rhodope songs – classical double bagpipe and vocals – including songs from albums, unreleased songs and instrumentals ( folk dances suitable for play) 2. Performances of Macedonian songs – classical Jura bagpipe – including songs for albums, unreleased songs and dances suitable for play. In addition, daire (tambourine) is used, which is the perfect addition to Macedonian singing. 3. Performances of songs and dances from other parts of Bulgaria – classical Jura bagpipe. 4. Performances of double kaba bagpipe -songs and dances 5. Performances of rock, jazz as variety of the program – it is possible with the three pipes (separately), vocals and tambourine.

Duration of the commitments

It is determined exclusively and only by mutual negotiation. If the events are weddings there are four options: 1. Only to bring out the bride 2. Bringing out the bride plus program in the restaurant 3. Only program in the restaurant 4. Complete program including options 1 and 2